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Jun 06

New Office Location

We are excited to announce that we have just moved our Quincy office to 811 Maine Street!!! Feel free to stop by and see our new office.

Dec 12

Illinois Law on Deer and Turkey Baiting

In Illinois, it is illegal to feed deer at any time or to take deer by the use or aid of bait. You may notice that deer baits and attractants are easily found and sold in many stores throughout Illinois, but despite their widespread availability, these products are illegal to use in Illinois at any … Continued

Jul 07

Hunter’s Retrieval Rights

As hunting season is now well upon us, sportsmen need to be aware of the applicable law regarding the retrieval of wounded game coming to rest on another’s property. Those who come onto another’s property without consent to retrieve wounded game or even track wounded game may be prosecuted in the state of Illinois for … Continued

Jan 01

The Top 5 Legal Things to Do When a Family Member Passes Away

1. Take a deep breath. Losing a loved one is obviously an emotional time for a family. Don’t rush into these things if you aren’t ready. It’s OK to delegate some of this to other family members or friends who are willing to help. 2. Find any documents related to the family member’s last wishes. … Continued