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At HaukOwens we take pride in providing efficient and effective representation in all areas of family law. We take a supportive approach, keeping our clients at the center of the process and ensuring the interests of our clients and their families are at the forefront of our minds. Whether our client’s case is amicable or contentious, we have the skills necessary to guide them.

Child Custody 

Child Custody, now referred to as “Parenting Time,” involves a parents’ ability to spend time with their children and control the decisions made regarding their child’s care. Whether it’s through negotiation or through litigation, we can help find a solution that’s in our client’s and their children’s best interests.

Child Support

When a child lives primarily with one parent, the other parent is typically responsible for making payments to assist in the child’s care. We can help ensure our client’s children get the financial support they are entitled to from the other parent.

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements are used by people who live together and want to make plans regarding their financial relationship. We can prepare a cohabitation agreement that can minimize the difficulties and stress our client’s will face in the event of separation.

Independent Legal Advice

If your spouse or partner has had a document prepared by another lawyer it’s important that you seek independent advice before signing any contract. The firm’s attorneys can assist you in fully understanding your rights and negotiating a fair outcome.


We assist and guide our clients through the adoption process. Adoptions can be complicated proceedings and the attorneys at HaukOwens stand ready to explain each and every step of the process to insure the adoption process proceeds quickly and efficiently.

Grandparent’s and Father’s Rights

We take great pride in representing Fathers and when allowable by law, Grandparents, in obtaining a just and fair amount of parenting time with minor children. There are many fathers and grandparents that play an integral role in raising children and we believe they should continue to do so after the separation or divorce of the children’s parents.

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