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At HaukOwens we provide our clients with a broad range of representation regarding real estate matters and related transactions, including entire sales transactions.

Our real estate practice provides representation in the following matters:

  • Sales, purchases, and transfers of real estate, drafting of instruments of conveyance (quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds, etc.);
  • Residential and commercial rental/lease agreements, evictions, other landlord/tenant matters;
  • Foreclosures of mortgages and liens, lien establishment;
  • Formation of subdivisions and related homeowner’s associations; enforcement of restrictive covenanants, zoning and land use;
  • Related agriculture issues (sales and purchases, farm lease drafting and termination, drainage issues);
  • Boundary disputes (adverse possession, surveying issues, fence boundaries);
  • Easements (establishment, termination, and related litigation);
  • Mechanic’s Liens (establishment and enforcement).

Call us at (217) 214-2757 to discuss your potential case with one of our attorneys.